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01 November, 2023

Join Us

01 November, 2023

We need legal professionals like you to help MTACDL defend the Constitution and protect the Bill of Rights, ensuring our clients have the best possible representation in a fair judicial environment.

And you need us. For nominal dues, we provide indispensable mutual support in a nonprofit organization of sincere and committed professionals just like you. Here are some of the benefits of membership:

  1. Support: Immediate and direct access to the best criminal defense expertise in Montana.
  2. Professional CLE: Substantial discounts to one or two high-value CLE seminars per year.
  3. Listserve: Through MTACDL's popular listserve, members can communicate spontaneously by email with criminal defense practitioners throughout the state.
  4. Website: MTACDL employs one of the most fully-featured group "intranets" anywhere. It includes tools such as:
    1. Mini-websites that allow each member to present his or her credentials and market their practice around the state.
    2. Optional listing on the Association's "Find a Lawyer" list. This list receives a large number of searches from the public.
    3. Online library/brief bank that contains an easily-searchable multimedia library of briefs, pleadings, experts, CLEs, opinions and much more.
    4. Listserve archives that allow all listserve communications, including attachments, to be quickly searched and recalled.
    5. Mini-listserves that allow any subset of members to share communication among only themselves for an issue or project.
    6. Online forum with multimedia tools for members to share points of view within the website without using email.
    7. Joint Calendar of member events such as meetings, seminars, and upcoming issues of interest which can include
      associated materials and reminders.  Members may also schedule events that are visible solely to the member.
    8. News section that the officers and members can regularly update with state, federal, and tribal cases of interest.
    9. RSS Feeds allowing members to quickly see anything new that has been added by members.

If you want to join this distinguished group of legal professionals, please fill out an online application and pay your membership fee via PayPal.  Your payment will be refunded immediately if you're not approved for any reason.  If you'd prefer, you may print and mail this form with a check made out to "MTACDL".

Thank you!

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