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Tony Gallagher

06 November, 2023
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2022 Timer Moses Award - Tony Gallagher

06 November, 2023

Presented by Colin Stephens, President — MTACDL, at Tony Gallagher's retirement bash on March 24, 2022:

In 2015, the Montana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers renamed its generic “Lawyer of the Year” award to honor the Giant of Montana Criminal Defense Lawyers, Charles “Timer” Moses.

The Timer Moses Award is an annual award presented by the Association to honor and recognize the achievements and career of those who work tirelessly to defend society’s most vilified, be they guilty or innocent, rich or poor. The Award honors those who strive for justice, equality, and fundamental human decency: the belief that we are never the sum of our worst acts.

This year’s award was presented to Tony Gallagher. Tony was unable to attend the ceremony at Chico because he was arguing in front of and with the 9th Circuit. I am honored to award it to him today.

In many respects, today’s criminal defense bar is the House that Tony built. Through his hard work, determination, and Irish charm/guile, he created the most effective and professional criminal defense organization in Montana’s history: The Federal Defenders of Montana.

With the same skillset, he developed a criminal justice act Panel in Montana that includes some of the most talented private practitioners in the State.

Tony not only built the house, but he filled it with zealous defenders who are continually working to improve and advance the values we all share. No one embodies these values more than Tony.

This award isn’t enough for everything he’s done for us, so we will fight on and our careers will reflect his legacy. And that’s enough.


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Tony Gallagher


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