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Shandor Badaruddin accepts his award at Chico Hot Springs

13 April, 2024
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2024 Timer Moses Award - Shandor Badaruddin

13 April, 2024

The Timer Moses award is presented to Shandor Badaruddin for his work defending Kip Hartman against serious and complex state charges. Shandor’s work in that case included a nine-day trial, multiple Writs to the Montana Supreme Court, a successful § 2241 Petition to federal court to dismiss the prosecution, and a Ninth Circuit appeal ultimately vindicating Shandor’s client. In the course of his representation, Shandor was personally sanctioned by the district court for simply doing his job. 

To quote the federal court, Shandor’s lawyering in the Hartman case was the “hallmark of competence.” More than that though, that lawyering was done in the face of significant personal sanctions levelled against Shandor. Shandor’s zealous and dogged defense of Mr. Hartman even in the face of those sanctions truly warrants this award, and epitomizes what it means to be a zealous and dedicated advocate. 

With everything he's been through, Shandor's award was especially appreciated by his peers.


Timer Moses, Inspiration for the Timer Moses Award