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Kip Kramer MTACDL Profile

Kip Kramer
Eleventh Dimension
200 N. Ewing St.

Kip Kramer

(Note: Kip Kramer developed this website, and is not a lawyer nor an MTACDL member. This profile was placed here to test the capabilities of the system.  Kramer will not appear on any lawyer or member list.)

After rising quickly through the corporate ranks, Kip Kramer left them to remain in the mountains, and brings a wealth of experience to his consulting practice as CEO of Eleventh Dimension in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kramer’s most recent corporate experience was as Vice President of Revenues and Regulatory Affairs for Sprint Corporation.  There, he led a large group of professionals in finance, regulatory and legislative affairs, wholesale marketing, and intercompany telecommunications relationships.  His group was responsible for nearly a billion dollar revenue stream, and consisted of engineers, accountants, lawyers, and telecommunications and information technology experts.  In the midst of drastic change in the telecom industry, Kramer became the leader of a group of fifteen local, long distance and wireless carriers to pass one of the earliest and most comprehensive telecommunications reform packages in the country.  This group of traditional rivals cooperated to an extent not seen before nor since in accomplishing this politically difficult task.

Prior to this role, Kramer worked in a variety of telecommunications positions of increasing authority in regulatory affairs, finance and marketing.  He was stationed in Denver, Hood River (Oregon) and Las Vegas, and developed a reputation among regulators, fellow staff and competing telecom carriers as a fair, highly-effective leader who worked easily across functional and hierarchical lines.

Kramer gained experience in management consulting and information technology before entering the telecommunications industry, working for the consulting division of Arthur Andersen & Co., now Accenture.  There, Kramer developed expertise helping companies solve technical and management problems in a broad range of industries, from banking to oil and gas to beer malting.  He was the top-ranked consultant in the Portland office before leaving to pursue opportunities in telecom with the divestiture of AT&T. 

The transition from corporate to private business was a difficult choice.  Kramer was offered the strategic planning job as the “right-hand man” for the CEO of the Local Telecommunications Division of Sprint in Kansas City, Missouri.  Despite his great respect for this unusual CEO, Kramer turned down this opportunity at age 41 in order to remain in the mountains and pursue his own course outside of Corporate America. 

Since then, Kramer has expanded his skill set to areas he couldn’t learn effectively in a corporation, from physics and math to information technology to municipal management.  He has tackled a variety of consulting tasks with Eleventh Dimension, helping small businesses with telecommunications, computer, regulatory and management needs.  He serves as Board member and Treasurer of Desert Shores Community Association, a development of 10,000 residents in Las Vegas. 

Kramer has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting with an emphasis in Mathematics from the University of Montana, and after attending Texas A&M University obtained a Master of Science degree in Mathematical Statistics from Oregon State University.  He graduated first in his class in both degree programs, was Valedictorian of Helena Senior High School, and was named one of the top 100 math and science students in America.  He is a CPA (inactive status) licensed in Oregon. 

Kramer’s hobbies include golf, speed hiking/climbing, science and writing.  He and his wife/co-conspirator Susan Holton live with their insanely large and useless Maine Coon cats, Mars and Venus, in Las Vegas.

Kip Kramer

(Included portions of a resume to test the capabilities of the system. It makes lousy reading.)


  • Broad and deep telecommunications knowledge and experience derived from a variety of executive positions in that industry. Achieved superior results holding leadership positions in regulatory, legislative, marketing, finance, and strategic planning areas. Acquired thorough working knowledge of telecommunications technology, networks, operations, and interconnection for local, long distance and wireless carriers.

  • Diverse information technology knowledge and experience gained from management consulting in a wide range of industries and functional areas. Became top-rated Arthur Andersen consultant while developing and installing complex systems in banking, malting, oil and gas, manufacturing and other industries.

  • Practical and successful entrepreneurial experience developing and managing all aspects of a small business, including planning, marketing, product selection and management, computing and networking, operations, government relations, inventory management and setting up all associated business systems.

  • Well-developed leadership and management skills. Succeed in and enjoy leading groups of peers spanning different areas of expertise in a collegial atmosphere. Extremely successful leading telecommunications industry groups to accomplish beneficial, far-reaching change despite widely differing objectives and opinions. Consistently chosen to lead intracompany groups representing all departments because of ability to bring the groups together into cohesive units.

  • First-in-class business and science education, including being a CPA, having a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with an emphasis in Mathematics, and a Master of Science degree in Mathematical Statistics. Graduated first in class in high school and in both degree programs in college.

  • Two years of experience teaching mathematics and statistics to college students.

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.


CEO - Eleventh Dimension; Las Vegas, Nevada

Responsibilities: Develop, lead and manage all aspects of an entrepreneurial consulting business specializing in information technology and telecommunications. Apply broad-based technical, management and leadership skills to solve the problems of a variety of small businesses.  Concurrently serve as Treasurer of Desert Shores, a community of 10,000 residents, engaging in all aspects of municipal management for what is essentially a small town.

Vice President - Regulatory/Revenues; Sprint Corporation, Las Vegas, Nevada

Responsibilities: Direct the development and implementation of the company's overall revenue, regulatory, legislative and carrier marketing strategies. Manage long-term overall company earnings performance. Produce mutually beneficial results with state legislators, city and county commissioners and staffs, PSC commissioners and staff, and a wide variety of industry counterparts and competitors. Direct all operational and financial activities of carrier marketing group, including the negotiation and implementation of interconnection agreements. Supervise and develop department of diverse professionals. Responsible for nearly $1 billion revenue stream.

Assembled, held together and led highly successful and visible industry-wide coalition of fifteen long distance, local exchange, wireless and cable carriers to totally rewrite Nevada telecommunications regulations. The resulting massive regulatory change allowed transition to competition for the entire industry and elimination of cost/earnings-based regulation.

Director - Revenues; Sprint/United Telephone Company of the Northwest, Hood River, Oregon

Responsibilities: Direct the development and implementation of the company's regulatory and marketing strategy. Manage long-term overall company earnings performance. Supervise product management group and ensure successful introduction and management of new products and services, as well as optimal performance of all the company's existing products and services. Direct Industry and Regulatory Affairs functions, including all intercompany negotiations and contracts with other telecommunications companies. Oversee Consumer Affairs group responsible for satisfying customer complaints. Supervise and develop department of diverse professionals. Responsible for $80,000,000 revenue stream.

Consistently maintained at or near the highest overall earnings levels in the industry in every jurisdiction. Led telecommunications industry groups that negotiated the structure of industry toll and access markets and the role of revenue pooling in Oregon and Washington.

Manager - Regulatory Pricing; Sprint/United Telephone Company of the Northwest, Hood River, Oregon

Responsibilities: Manage all planning, pricing, tariff, financial and operational matters associated with Sprint's regulated products and services. Coordinate intracompany implementation of new services, service changes, policy changes, and regulatory actions; responsible for the financial and operational success of such activities. Supervise Industry Affairs group and manage all financial and regulatory relations with other telecommunications companies.

Consistently maintained at or near the highest interstate and intrastate access earnings levels in the industry. Chaired three standing interdepartmental teams of 10-30 persons responsible for smoothly accomplishing the above activities on a company-wide operational basis.

Manager - Interexchange Revenues; Sprint/United Telephone Company of the Northwest, Hood River, Oregon

Responsibilities: Manage the functions of the above position, but only for access services.

Consistently maintained at or near the highest interstate and intrastate access earnings levels in the industry. Chaired standing interdepartmental group of 20-30 persons responsible for financial and operational implementation of access charges.

Staff Manager - Access Charges; US West Communications, Denver, Colorado

Responsibilities: Research, develop and implement inaugural rating and regulatory strategies for access charges billed to interexchange carriers in conjunction with divestiture of AT&T. Help ensure seamless transition from pre-divestiture AT&T to post-divestiture US West by managing billing, tariff and operational issues on a project basis.

Management and Information Technology Consultant; Arthur Andersen and Co., Portland, Oregon

Responsibilities: Plan, design and install automated business systems to improve operational and financial performance of client companies. Representative experience includes supervising the development and implementation of an integrated grain accounting, contract tracking, payroll and general ledger system for a west coast malting company; design and installation of work order and inventory systems for a pipe manufacturer; design of a system to analyze and track activity on the secondary mortgage market for a large savings and loan institution.

Graduate Assistant; Texas A&M and Oregon State Universities

Responsibilities: Instructed labs for several statistics classes and performed statistical consulting for graduate students in varied fields. Experience lecturing senior and graduate level statistics courses of up to 200 students.


  • M.S.: Mathematical Statistics, Oregon State University, Corvallis Oregon; Graduated first in class.
  • Texas A&M University, Institute of Statistics, College Station, Texas
  • B.S.: Accounting, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana; June; Graduated first in class.
  • Passed Uniform CPA Examination in college; Certified in Oregon.

Honors and Awards:

  • Nevada Telecommunications Association Distinguished Service Award.
  • Sprint Corporation Leadership Award (nominated by entire department supervised).
  • Scholarships, financing 50% of total college expenses: O.R. Rubie Foundation Scholarship; Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship; Galusha, Higgins and Galusha Accounting Award; Notre Dame Scholar; three-time Montana System Honor Scholarship winner; University of Montana Worthy Scholar Award.
  • Selected to attend National Youth Science Camp in West Virginia as one of nation's top 100 math and science students.
  • Valedictorian, Helena Senior High School (594 graduating students).

Kip Kramer

200 N. Ewing St.,Helena,MT,59601200 N. Ewing St.

Helena MT